Real Customer Service

Real Customer Service

As your business evolves, so will your Payroll and HR obligations. Our experts are advocates for our customers and will not provide the bare minimum, scripted, answers. Our goal is to get to the root cause of any questions and provide a thorough answer.

Make the best decision for your businesses today and understand how it will impact you tomorrow.

How we work with our clients

PaySteady offers clients a choice depending on their preferences and internal bandwidth.

Assess and Implement

We help you assess and implement the right software for your business. We will train your internal resources and provide ongoing support: no more 1-800 numbers and automated robots.

Fractional Payroll Department

Many small to midsize businesses don’t have internal resources to properly manage a robust payroll and HR system. PaySteady can offer a fractional payroll department to allow the company to focus on the front-end of the business.


Does your business fall into one of these categories?

Business owner

You as the business owner spend your time processing payroll. Something that started simple at first has started to take more of your time.

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Bad hire

You’ve hired someone to process payroll for you but either that position has turned over or you’re seeing errors and employee complaints.

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You're drowning in paperwork every time you hire a new employee or are growing and not sure how you're going to handle the added paperwork of new employees.

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Functions our payroll + HR systems

can accommodate:

We leverage leading payroll systems to ensure you are processing payroll as efficiently as possible. By outsourcing the payroll function, you can ensure your resources are maximizing their time spent working ON the business and not IN the business.



Full-service payroll


HRIS and Talent Management


Paperless hiring and onboarding


Employee benefits administration


Time and attendance


Paid time off management


401k integration

Market Changes

What’s driving change in the market to fully outsource payroll?

  • Remote workers are creating greater compliance challenges
  • Disparate systems and processes are magnifying inefficiencies in the HR and Payroll lifecycle of employees
  • The decline of using paper in HR is putting greater reliance on using the most efficient HR and Payroll software


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PaySteady Pays: Your Fractional Payroll Department

Traditional payroll companies market themselves as an “outsourced payroll” option. In reality, they are offering self-service software that an internal resource needs to learn and administer. Oftentimes, the training is left to an online help desk or robotic chatbots.

While PaySteady does offer a software-only option, we supplement this with a robust onboarding and training process for the company.
PaySteady originally started as a better alternative to the traditional payroll service model. We felt that businesses were forced to choose between big business software and small business customer service.
We set out to change this and built strong relationships and deep trust with our clients.
Over time, clients continued to ask for more support as many owner-operated businesses are often squeezed for time and resources.

What differentiates Us



Payroll professionals are scarce, which often results in an unexperienced person processing payroll. By partnering with PaySteady, you can feel confident running payroll because you'll have a team of experts to rely on.

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Too often, business owners become “stuck” in the day to day of tasks like payroll, which diverts your attention from focusing on your business. Outsourcing payroll allows one of the essential tasks to be completed by professionals so you to focus on strategic goals of the business.

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Regulations are changing constantly in today’s environment. There are FLSA requirements, Paid Sick Leave which varies by state, changing tax laws and frequent minimum wage changes. Instead of managing these changes yourself, or taking the chance of being out of compliance, partner with the professionals that will proactively make you aware of these changes and make recommendations for how to implement them.


Cost Savings

Outsourcing payroll eliminates the need to hire a payroll professional or divert a current employee’s time to the payroll process. By eliminating the position, you eliminate/reallocate the salary, benefits cost, and the cost to recruit employees as they turnover.

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As businesses grow, the HR & Payroll needs of the business quickly change.  Tasks like recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, time-tracking, and 401k administration become a major headache very quickly.

PaySteady Pays clients have the benefit of payroll professionals seeing the changes and identifying ways to improve the process quickly. This could mean a change in technology and/or working together to improve processes.

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Payroll and employee data is some of the most sensitive data your company keeps on record. No more paper records lessens the risk of losing sensitive information. PaySteady keeps that information safe and confidential.

  • "If I could give PaySteady more than 5 stars I would. I have been searching for the right payroll company for years and feel fortunate that I finally have found them. As a small business owner I have always wanted to be able to give my payroll business to a local company, but have found they generally come up short when it comes to a robust reporting system. Because PaySteady utilizes the power of ADP you get the best of both worlds. All the technology and expertise of the big company, but the service and individual attention of a small business. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to a complete payroll solution."

    Sarah R.

    Retail Company

  • "Daniel and the team at PaySteady are world-class advisors and experts on all things HR and payroll-related. They provided exceptional assistance to me and my company as we were trying to navigate the complex world of payroll systems and benefits providers. I truly appreciate the time they took to pull together extraordinarily helpful information and talk through our options with me in a way that made the choice clear. Daniel really helped cut through the fog and present the data in a way that helped us decide confidently which platform to choose, while remaining objective and making sure we were informed of all of the potential approaches available to us. He made everything fast, simple, and easy when I had previously experienced confusion and multiple calls per day from salespeople at the various providers. Thanks again to Daniel and PaySteady -- highly recommend them to anyone!"

    Thomas N.

    Finance Company

  • "We worked with PaySteady to transition our small business from a fragmented group of services that were difficult and expensive to manage, to a PEO structure. We reduced our costs, service and benefits are improved, and things are significantly more straightforward to manage. PaySteady provided great support as we evaluated options and even helped us through the implementation. Feedback from employees is great as well. The level of service you get from PaySteady is something you won't see often in this space, we'll definitely be working with them on future needs."

    Steve H.

    Professional Services Company

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Don't let the complexities of managing your back office distract you from running the business. PaySteady delivers easy-to-use payroll technology coupled with hands on customer service to ensure paydays are made simple and hassle free.