2021 Minimum Wage Updates

Daniel Rafeedie

January 7, 2021

According to the National Unemployment Law Project, a record-breaking number of jurisdictions will raise their minimum wage rates in 2021. About half of the states in the US will see a rise in minimum wage at some point this year.

Locally in the DMV, DC minimum wage rates remain unchanged for now at $15 per hour and $5 per hour for tipped wages. Virginia is raising the minimum wage on May 1, 2021 to $9.50 per hour. Tipped wages remain unchanged at $2.13 per hour.
Maryland increased minimum wage to $11.75 per hour for employers with 15 or more employees or $11.60 per hour for employers with 14 or fewer employees on January 1, 2021. Tipped wages remain unchanged at $3.63 per hour. It’s worth noting that Montgomery County has a higher minimum wage than the state and is raising minimum wage rates on July 1, 2021 based on employer size.

States with Minimum Wage Changes effective January 1, 2021

 Alaska: $10.34
 Arizona: $12.15
 Arkansas: $11
 California: $14*
 Colorado: $12.32
 Florida: $8.65
 Illinois: $11
 Maine: $12.15
 Maryland: $11.75*
 Massachusetts: $13.50
 Minnesota: $10.08*
 Missouri: $10.30
 Montana: $8.75
 New Jersey: $12
 New Mexico: $10.50
 New York: $12.50*
 Ohio: $8.80*
 South Dakota: $9.45
 Vermont: $11.75
Washington: $13.69
For the most up to date minimum wage rates, please refer to the Department of Labor’s website for minimum wage and tipped minimum wage rates.
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*Depending on the size of the business or exact location, this rate changes.